• Sushi Boto
  • Sushi Boto Deluxe Sashimi
  • Sushi Boto Flower Nigiri with Mayo
  • Sushi Boto Grilled Scallops with Caviar Mayo
  • Sushi Boto Panko Prawn with Mayo
  • Sushi Boto Tamago with Avocado Urimaki

Sushi Boto specialises in an ever-changing menu that exemplifies the highest quality seasonal produce that is brought in daily from the market. We are not your regular sushi train, we serve an array of fresh handcrafted sushi on a trail of sushi boats.

Try our famous Sushi Step selection that includes ten uniquely crafted dishes designed to be eaten in ascending order. You start with the mellow flavours of New Zealand scampi and finish with the top of the rack Foie Gras Don.

If you’re lucky enough you can score sushi keychain and other cool collectables from our claw-machines.

2.10-2.12, Level 2
St. Collins Lane
260 Collins St
Melb Vic 3000

03 9663 8000

Mon – Fri : 11am – 9pm
Sat – Sun : 11am – 8pm